Congratulations to Max Vazquez on winning the 49-Day Fall Change Your Body Challenge Contest!!!

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The Results are in…… and we have had some amazing transformations!!!

Congratulations to Max Vazquez on winning the 49-Day Fall Change Your Body Challenge Contest!!!

In just 49-Days Max lost 22.9 pounds, 18.5 total inches from around his body, and reduced his body fat percentage by 1.9 percent.

Check out his awesome transformation below

Max wasn’t the only one who had an amazing transformation.

Check out a few more transformation photos some of the other participants.

 Here are some more awesome results:

  • Josie lost 13.6lbs, 19.25 total inches, and 2.2% body fat
  • Shellee lost 13lbs 17.75 total inches, and 2.3% body fat
  • Kristine lost 13.9lns, 12.75 total inches, and 2.9% body fat
  • Ryan lost 17 lbs, 9.25 total inches, and 1.2 % body fat
  • Laura lost 10.8lbs, 14.5 total inches, and 2.5% body fat
  • Dennisse lost 9.3 lbs, 14.25 total inches, 2.8 % Body Fat
  • Diane lost 12.2lbs, 8 total inches, and 2.1% body fat
  • Susan lost 9.5 lbs, 11.25 total inches, and 1.1% body fat
  • Allison lost 9.3lbs, 13.25 total inches, and 1.4% body fat
  • Daneka lost 6lbs, 12.25 total inches, 2.2% Body Fat
  • Amy lost 11 total inches
  • Katie lost 12.25 total inches
  • Christine lost 9.5 total inches
  • Gina lost 11.75 total inches
  • Rita lost 12.75 total inches
  • Christine 10.5 total inches
  • And it goes on and on

Everyone that participated in the 49-Day Transformation Contest did an amazing job!

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