February 7


I finally looked in the mirror and just went “WTF…?”

By Coach Ben

February 7, 2019

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Have you ever been in a place where you felt like you just let yourself go, it seemed like one day you wake up and you almost avoid the mirror because you didn’t like what you saw anymore. 

Yep, I’ve been there too… sounds weird coming from a fitness guy, right?

I was scrolling through Facebook and it reminded me that three years ago I had surgery to repair a ruptured Achilles tendon I suffered during a basketball game and was placed on bed rest for 8 weeks while I recovered from the surgery.

I sat in a reclining chair 24 hours a day for two months only getting up to use the bathroom and for doctors’ appointments.

I was beyond miserable.

I was stressed out to the max because I had no idea how I was going to keep the gym running while I was stuck at home recovering and how I was going to support my family.  

I started eating like crap, probably more out of boredom than anything else.

After a couple months of doing nothing I was finally cleared to come back to work but I was still wearing a boot and forced to use a wheel chair for another month.

I had clients calling me “Lieutenant Dan” or “Patches O’houlihan” as I chased them around the gym in my wheelchair.

Then, a few months later when I was finally able to walk around without a boot on, I was a few clothes sizes larger and couldn’t even walk up a flight of stairs without being winded.

I finally looked in the mirror and just went “WTF…?”   

Ever had that moment? 

You don’t even recognize yourself anymore. 

Here I was, out of shape, not wanting to look in the mirror, I was eating like crap, feeling like crap, and I was miserable.

I was depressed and in a serious funk.

I was not a fun person to be around at that time and it hurt some of my relationships.

Life sucked. I hated that I even thought that way.  

 At that time I felt like I didn’t have too much control over many things because I had to basically had to re-learn how to walk again because I lost all my strength and my whole body ached from sitting for months with no movement.

So what could I do? I felt like I had no control.

I have helped hundreds of people of over the years, but this time it was different because I was trying to help myself and sometimes you can be your own worst enemy by filling your own head with negative thoughts and energy.

I struggled at first and I seriously almost gave up on myself.

It wasn’t until I came to grips that I could no longer compare myself to the pre-injury me. I had to start all over again and ease back into it one day at a time before I was able to consistently start working out again and get my nutrition under control.

The hardest part was just taking the first step and getting started, but once I did and I got some momentum going and it became part of my daily routine again.

I started by just walking everyday and eventually I started adding some strength workouts in addition to the Physical Therapy I was already doing.

These workouts allowed me to start finding myself again, getting that endorphin rush and being in a good mood changed everything for me. 

I finally got back to being myself again.

Maybe you can relate to my struggle.

As a coach, not a day goes by without hearing similar stories from people who have been stuck in a rut and are unhappy with themselves.

We get so caught up in our day to day life that it’s easy to forget about taking care of ourselves. We are busy with our careers or trying to raise kids and driving them around to all their activities.

Before you know it, a few weeks, months or even years pass by and one day you look in the mirror or see a picture of yourself and your disgusted because you don’t even know who you are anymore.

You realize you completely neglected to take care of yourself for one reason or another.

It’s a wake up call

You have two choices.

One you can accept that this is who you now are and deal with it or you can take action and do something about it.

The truth is, you can’t take care of others if you’re not taking care of yourself, eventually it will catch up to you and leave you run down and burnt out.

So if you find that you have been stuck in a little bit of a rut lately, it’s time to get out of it!

Start with something small and simple like just going for a 20 minute walk everyday to get the ball rolling.

You just have to take the first step to get started and once you get some momentum going, it becomes easier and easier to make it part of your daily routine!

If there is anything I can do to help you along the way, let me know. 

Coach Ben

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