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Our Popular Training Programs

Fitness Boot Camp *Most popular!*
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Our fast paced Boot Camp workouts are designed to help you lose weight, tone up and get leaner as fast as possible! These fun, but challenging workouts combine as much resistance training, cardio training, and core training exercises together that can possibly fit into 60 minute workout.

Our Boot Camp Program consists of private groups of 8 or more people who are all working towards achieving similar goals. When you combine the effectiveness our boot camp programs and the support, encouragement, and motivation provided by your personal trainer and fellow class mates, you will be amazed at what you can achieve!

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Semi-Private Personal Training *One of Our Most Popular Programs*
Our Semi-Private Personal Training programs are designed to give you all the same great benefits of working one-on-one with a Certified Personal Trainer, but at a fraction of the cost!

Our Semi-Private Training consists of small private groups of 1-5 people who are all working towards achieving similar goals. You will also receive the same complete nutrition, exercise, stress reduction, lifestyle management program and 100% results guarantee that we offer with all of our training programs.

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Personal Training
CT Workout, our goal is to provide the most comprehensive and detail oriented health and fitness programs available today. With thousands of one-on-one personal training sessions completed and more than 10 years of personal training and coaching experience, you can be confident that we will help you achieve all of your health and fitness goals in the fastest and safest way possible!

Your personal trainer will provide you with a complete health and fitness program covering nutrition, exercise, stress reduction, and lifestyle management and we back our programs up with a 100% results guarantee.

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In-Home Personal Training
Want to get in shape in the comfort of your own home, no problem our team of In-Home Personal Trainers can bring the workouts to you!

You’re In-Home Trainer will design a workout program covering nutrition, exercise, stress reduction, and lifestyle management. The workouts can be done in any space in your house and we will supply you with all the exercise equipment necessary.

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Sports Performance Programs

Elite Sport Performance & Youth Athletic Programs
Our team of Certified Strength and Conditioning Coaches will have you playing at an All Star Level with our professional-level sport specific strength and conditioning programs. Our sports performance programs will help you get bigger, faster, stronger, and more explosive.

If you are looking to take your game to the next level, we can provide you with exactly what you need!

We Specialize in:

  • Basketball Strength & Conditioning
  • Football Strength & Conditioning
  • Soccer Strength & Conditioning
  • Tennis Strength & Conditioning
  • Golf Strength & Conditioning


Specialty Programs

Bridal Boot Camp
No one helps soon to be brides and their bridal party get in shape faster than CT Workout! Our bridal boot camp exercise and nutrition program is guaranteed to have you looking and feeling great on your big day.

Fit Mommy’s
At CT Workout we understand the overwhelming responsibility of being a new mother. Fit Mommy Program is a 12 Week Exercise and Nutrition Program specifically designed to help women get their body back after delivery. Our program is designed to be a safe and effective way to get your pre-pregnancy body back. The Fit Mommy Program is designed to fit in any busy mom’s schedule.

Grocery Store Tour – Learn How to Shop the Healthy Way!
In our 90 minute educational food shopping tour, we show you how to make healthier choices while grocery shopping by revealing all the hidden secrets behind nutritional labels. We will also teach you how so called “low fat” or “low carb” foods might be sabotaging your weight loss. After the tour you will know exactly how to identify your best food choices and have some exciting new recipes to try at home.

In addition, you will also receive a copy of the CT Workout Healthy Grocery Shopping Checklist to help you make smarter choices for you and your family!

“My Energy Level is Up, My Confidence is Up, and I am Starting to Live My Life Again!”

personal trainer newington ct

“During this 12 week period I have lost 19.5 pounds, dropped 2 dress sizes, decreased my body fat by 10.3%, decreased my waist by 4.75″, and hips by 4 1/16”, along with a series of personal fitness milestones including running a 10:35 minute mile! My energy level is up, my confidence is up, and I am starting to live my life again!

This is just the beginning; I have many more goals to reach. I would like to: continue lowering my body fat, decrease my waist and hips measurements, build more lean muscle, and improve my fitness level making new fitness milestones, including running a 9+ minute mile! I am very fortunate to have a loving family and friends to support me in my journey at home! I feel incredible, I am very happy; I have won already, as I have changed my life!”

Sally Babigian

*Winner of our recent Change Your Body Challenge Contest*

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