Newington CT Personal Trainer Uses Interval Training To Accelerate Fat Loss

Newington CT Personal Trainer Uses Interval Training To Accelerate Fat Loss

Interval Training for Fat Loss

Tired of spending an hour a day walking away on the treadmill and not seeing any changes in your body?

Well its time you kicked it up a notch and started Interval Training. There is no better or faster way to burn fat, get leaner, and improve your cardiovascular conditioning. The days of long boring walks on the treadmill are over!Interval Training was first used by athletes to improve conditioning. However, it can be us by anyone looking to burn fat and improve their fitness levels.

Why is interval training so effective for burning fat?
Due to the intensity of interval training you will get an Afterburn effect.  EPOC (Excess Post Exercise Consumption)  What it stands for is the excess amount of oxygen consumed post exercise that is required to return the body back to a normal resting state. Now without getting too scientific on you, what you need to know is that the higher the intensity of the exercise, the higher the EPOC, which in return causes an increase in the body’s metabolism. This increase in metabolism can last for up to 48hrs after a workout depending upon the intensity of the workout.

How is interval training done?

Interval training is done by performing an exercise at a high intensity level for a short duration followed by an active recovery period. An example of interval training would be a 30sec sprint followed by a 30sec walk, which would then be repeated for a predetermined number of sets and reps.

A good example for a beginner would be to jogging for 1 minute followed by a 2minute active recovery walk then repeated.

Here is an example of a challenging 20 minute interval workout:

  • 5 min warm up
  • 10 min of intervals   30 sec work / 30 sec active recovery (sprint/ walk)
  • 5 min cool down 

Here are just a few more benefits of Interval Training:

  • Helps to improves your overall athleticism
  • Helps to burn more fat
  • Burns lots of Calories
  • Increases your Metabolism
  • Improves your Speed & Conditioning
  • Fun & Challenging
  • Feeling of accomplishment when finished

Try adding interval training to your workouts to start seeing some faster results. Start off slow with a 1 min interval followed by 2 minutes of recovery. Once your conditioning improves you can start increasing the intensity and try more challenging routines such as a 30 second work period followed by 30 seconds of active recovery.

By Benjamin Petitpas, CSCS, CPT
Personal Trainer Newington CT

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