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Here is what Lydia had to say about their last 5 years here at CT Workout….

5 years ago today at 7:00am we walked thru the doors of CT Workout for the very first time… we were NOT “Gym People”. To be honest, we were a little reluctant about starting. We had not really exercised in years and were afraid that we might not be able to keep up, but we did what we could.

We met some great people that first year. Lauren Hockla Linda Derick Lesley-Anne Smith Robin Graham Soltys Michael Gallon Susan Dang Alissa Johnston-Quigley. That 7am group formed friendships that still stand today even though some of our initial group had to leave for various reasons.

Even though we “gave it our all” 3 mornings a week, we didn’t really change the way we ate and drank. We tried to prove Ben Petitpas wrong when he said “you can’t out train a bad diet “. We really thought the workout alone would be enough. But the fact is, Ben, you were right, you can not out train a bad diet. Once we wrapped our heads around that, everything changed for us.

You see the ads on TV for that chain gym that calls themselves the “Judgement Free Zone”. CTWorkout is the REAL judgement free zone.
We all do what we are capable of, and we all do it in the most supportive way.

The CTWorkout program has been the best investment that we have made in ourselves. We are stronger, leaner, much better versions of ourselves. We feel 40 again. CT Workout has changed our lives. Thank you Ben and all of the coaches at CT Workout in Newington. We’re looking forward to the next 5 years!!
Lydia and Craig.

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