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Nutrition Tips


Warm Up
High Knees 
Marching Skips 
Standing Hip Circles 
Heel to Butt 
Cradle Holds 
Squat to Stand 
Reverse Lunge to OH Reach 
Lateral Lunge 
Inchworm to Push Up 
Strider w/ Rotation 
Mountain Climbers 
35 seconds work/ 5 seconds rest 
Core (5-Minutes)
1a) Sprinter Sit Up
1b) Curl Up
1c) Glute Bridge
30 sec work/ 5 sec rest
Strength (16-Minutes)
2a) DB Front Squat/ BW Squat
2b) DB Curl & Press/ Push Up
2c) DB Lunge w/ Reach/ BW Lunge
2d) DB Bent Over Row/ Plank w/ Row
35 sec work/ 25 sec rest
2-Minutes Rest
Conditioning (16-Minutes)
3a) Lateral Shuffles
3b) High Knees
3c) Jumping Jacks
3d) Plank
40 sec work / 20 sec rest
Cooldown (5-Minutes)

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