Fancy exercise equipment might sell gym memberships, but can it get you results?

Fancy exercise equipment might sell gym memberships, but can it get you results?

Are exercise machines really the best way to get in shape?

I am not a big fan of all of the exercise equipment at all… here is why;

Most people wake up in the morning and sit in their cars and drive to work, then they sit at a desk all day, then sit in their car on the way home, sit down at the table and eat dinner, then sit on the couch and watch TV, before laying down and going to bed.

Do you really think that going to the gym and “sitting” on a piece of equipment while you exercise is going to help you lose weight?

If you really want to lose weight and get in shape, you have to stop sitting down so much and get up and start moving!

The claims that machine exercises are safer than using free weight or body weight exercises is absolutely ridiculous. Some people will argue exercise machines are better than free weights because there is a smaller learning curve and it’s easy to adjust the resistance levels to accommodate different fitness levels.

Here is the major problem with most exercise machines:

  • Exercise machines are built for the average build, so even though they can be adjusted it doesn’t guarantee that the settings are correct your body.
  • Machine exercises are performed in a fixed range of motion and do not force you to engage your stabilizer muscles that are responsible for keeping your joints strong and stable.
  • Machine exercises can lead to muscle imbalances and short and long-term injuries that will slow your results because they don’t allow you to train your body in all three planes of motion.
  • Machine exercises limit the amount of fat you can burn and the amount of lean muscle you can build because you can not engage as many muscles at once like you can do with free weights and body weight exercises.

The truth is you don’t need all kinds of fancy exercise machines to lose weight and get into shape. In fact, for more than 8 years now Change Your Body Boot Camp has been getting men and women of all fitness levels into amazing shape without using any exercise machines at all.

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