CT Workout TO HOST GRAND OPENING CELEBRATION IN Newington, CT Thursday, May 21 from 5:00pm to 8pm.

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Warm Up
High Knees 
Marching Skips 
Standing Hip Circles 
Heel to Butt 
Cradle Holds 
Squat to Stand 
Reverse Lunge to OH Reach 
Lateral Lunge 
Inchworm to Push Up 
Strider w/ Rotation 
Mountain Climbers 
35 seconds work/ 5 seconds rest 
Core (5-Minutes)
1a) Sprinter Sit Up
1b) Curl Up
1c) Glute Bridge
30 sec work/ 5 sec rest
Strength (16-Minutes)
2a) DB Front Squat/ BW Squat
2b) DB Curl & Press/ Push Up
2c) DB Lunge w/ Reach/ BW Lunge
2d) DB Bent Over Row/ Plank w/ Row
35 sec work/ 25 sec rest
2-Minutes Rest
Conditioning (16-Minutes)
3a) Lateral Shuffles
3b) High Knees
3c) Jumping Jacks
3d) Plank
40 sec work / 20 sec rest
Cooldown (5-Minutes)

CT Workout, known for its unique cutting edge personal training and group training programs will celebrate the grand opening of its new 7,500 square-foot personal training facility in Newington, CT on Thursday, May 21st from 5:00pm to 8pm.

CT Workout is located at 37 Ann Street., Newington, CT 06111 (corner of Ann Street & Kitts Lane) offers personal training and group training sessions Monday through Saturday starting at 5am and ending at 8pm.

The new 7,500 square-foot facility features top-of-the-line strength training equipment and cardio machines, 30 yard turf area for training, kettlebells, battling ropes, TRX Suspension Trainers, agility ladders, and other functional training equipment for fun and dynamic workouts. The facility is designed to create a positive workout environment that uses cutting-edge training techniques and provides members with everything needed to look better, move better, feel better, and perform better.

“The new CT Workout location is truly an incredible training facility and we are thrilled to showcase all the features and amenities to the local community,” said Benjamin Petitpas, Owner of CT Workout. “Our Grand Opening celebration will give the local community a chance to experience what makes our personal training and group training programs different. We have already had hundreds of local members go through our programs and have seen amazing transformations. In the new facility, we look forward to helping thousands of others by re-defining how fitness and training should be experienced.”

Throughout the event, CT Workout will host a variety of activities. There will be free group training sessions for guests to attend, fitness demonstrations, Q & A sessions, in addition to giveaways and raffle prizes. All the activities are free and local community members are encouraged to attend.
The Newington Chamber of Commerce representatives will be here to take part in the ceremonial ribbon cutting.

GRAND OPENING FULL SCHEDULE (All times subject to change)

5:00pm GRAND OPENING officially begins with music, food and festivities, including fitness demonstrations and complimentary tours
6:00pm CEREMONIAL RIBBON CUTTING featuring Newington Chamber of Commerce representatives.
6:30 pm – Free Group Training Session #1
7:15 pm – Free Group Training Session #2
8:00 pm – Q & A Sessions and raffle prizes

For more information call 860-639-7338 or Click Here ToVisit Our Facebook Event Page To RSVP

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About CT Workout
CT Workout is a cutting edge personal training and group training facility dedicated to providing the highest quality and most professional personal training and group training services available in Newington, Connecticut.
Media Contact: Benjamin Petitpas- 860-639-7338 [email protected]


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