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Crank Up Your Exercise Intensity For Better Results!

Crank Up Your Exercise Intensity For Better Results!

One of the biggest mistakes I see at the gym is the lack of exercise intensity. Everywhere you look, you see people standing around talking between exercises or sitting around and taking way too long resting between sets. Some people are on cardio machines reading magazines or the newspaper. You see the same people day after day at the gym ask yourself, have you notice any changes in their bodies?

weight loss programs in ctIf you look around, ask yourself who are the leanest, most fit people? If you said athletes you’re absolutely right. The main reason is the intensity of their workouts. Their workouts are usually short (45min or less) and intense. There is very little time wasted. They move quickly from one exercise to the next. They pair groups of exercises together. This is done to keep the heart rate up and to ultimately elevate metabolism, causing you to burn fat and get leaner more effectively.

If you are looking for a more effective way to lose weight and tone up, CT Workout’s Semi-Private Personal Training Program just might be your answer. CT Workout’s training programs combine strength training, fat burning cardio, core training exercises, and a rapid fat loss nutrition program together, to give you a unique, but challenging workout that is guaranteed to crank up your metabolism and melt fat off your body permanently, without spending a lot of money or making a long term commitment!

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