All Morning Training Sessions Will Be Canceled Tomorrow Morning

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I hate to say it but we will be canceling all morning training sessions at CT Workout tomorrow due to the snow storm.

Weather permitting we will be open for our regular evening training schedule tomorrow.

Thank you for your understanding. Please be safe out there!

*If the weather allows us to get the evening sessions in and you usually training in the morning and want to attend one of the evening training sessions tomorrow, please message me so we can get you in to one of the workouts.

Here is a quick body weight workout that you can do at home

Warm Up
Scare Crows
Squat to Stand
Multi Directional Lunge w/ Reach
Inch Worm to Push Up
Strider w/ Rotation
– 1 Set/ 10 Reps Each

Crunch w/ Alt. Leg Raise
Straight Leg Curl Up
1-Leg Glute Bridge -R
1-Leg Glute Bridge -L
– 3-4 Sets/ 16 Reps Each

Body Weight Circuit
Drop Squat
Push Up
Good Morning
Plank w/ Row
Lunge w/ Reach
Mountain Climber
– 3-4 Sets/ 16 Reps Each or 3-4 Sets/ 30-40 seconds work / 5-10 seconds rest

Bear Crawl -5yards
– 3-4 Sets/ 30-40 seconds work / 15-20 seconds rest

Committed to your success,

Benjamin Petitpas, CSCS, CPT
CT Workout

85 Market Square
Newington, CT 06111
(860) 639-7339
[email protected]

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